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Marketing is necessary to any company.

A lot of our small companies have numerous ideas which only want to be exploited. A rigorous and structured marketing approach is a must for the sustainable development of the company.

Marketing is a basic tool necessary to the success of any company.

  • What are your objectives ?
  • What is your core business ?
  •  What is your targeted public ? Which segmentation are you implementing ?
  • Who are your competitors ? Local ? International ?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company ?
  • What are the opportunities and threads ? SWOT analysis
  • How do you position yourself in your natural market ? and on the international markets ?
  • What are your today’s key products and those for tomorrow ?
  • What is your competitive situation ? What can you do to improve it ?
  • How do you insure the promotion and distribution of your products ?


All these questions of course need to help the company position itself in the market and to ensure its objective: distribute its products by generating a sufficient margin in order to ensure its development and sustainability.

The marketing approach allows building up the various elements which will ensure the success of a strategy in a rational way.


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